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The Nova R250

“Whether the five steps to your home are becoming difficult to manage or you’re in need of wheelchair access, the Nova is a perfect alternative to installing a long and  expensive ramp.”

New to the range of lifts that we manufacture, the Nova R250 is a cost effective solution to accessibility barriers in rises of less than a metre.

Designed to be installed against a landing or verandah externally, the Nova is as suitable for internal installation to help negotiate split level homes.  With it’s steel structure and self supporting shroud, 900 x 1300mm lift platform and compact machine cabinet, the Nova is capable of lifting 250kg.

Supplied within short delivery times, the Nova R250 can be installed within days and building works is kept to a minimum as there is no need for a lift pit or any entrapment walls.

Easy to operate the Nova is automatic in operation, this means there is no need to hold constant pressure on the lift controls for the lift to operate and the action of automated barrier arms, folding ramps and hand held remotes makes  the whole experience enjoyable.

Offering peace of the mind the Nova, should the power every fail has the ability to operate for over 30 operation under battery control

When combining all the benefits of the Nova with the purchase and ongoing cost of the lift and then comparing it against the alternative of an expensive ramp or selling your home, you might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


Manufactured by:Australia
Manufactured in:Australia by an Australian owned family company
Standard Compliant:Meets and exceeds the requirements of Australian Standard. AS 1735 part 14
Residential use only.

Suitable for internal or external installation
Installation:Easy to install the Nova can be manually maneuvered into place, craned in or partial dismantled
Drive systemIndirect acting Oil hydraulic cylinder with two chains for safety
Supply Voltage240 volt 100watt.
Travels:Maximum 1 metre
Lift Speed:0.07mt / second
Lifting Capacity:250kg
Lift Operation:Automatic. Lift will operate by one press of the button.
Lift Tower:Supplied as a free standing self supporting unit and weighing approx 225kg. The sub frame of the Nova R250, is constructed from steel and sandblasted before being powder coated light grey to offer maximum corrosion protection.
For housing of the hydraulic cylinders and electrical wiring a shroud is fitted to one side of the platform.
Deck Size:900mm x 1300mm
Deck Configuration:
Available in two configurations:
Dual entry "B Model" with entry at the front and exiting via the rear
90 Degree entry "C Model" with entry at the front and and exiting via the left or right hand side at the 1st landing
Electrical Features:
The control panel has been designed to make the controls simple to operate
Security Key - when the key is in the "off" position the lift is immobilized
Up Button - When this button is pressed the lift will rise
Down Button - When this button is pressed the lift will travel to the ground.
Emergency Stop - If this button is pressed, the lift will instantly stop.
Power of Operation - in the event of mains power failure the lift can complete 30 raise and power operations on the back up battery.
Hand Held remote control for external operation.
Safety features:Oil Hydraulic chain over reliability and safety
Stainless steel handrail
Non Slip floor covering
Key lockable push button controls
Emergency stop function on the platform
Alarm buzzer - optional
Burst hose protection - (Hydraulic Fuse)
Automatic homing of the platform
Emergency battery back up operation for over 30 run
Under- pan sensor detection underneath the platform
An automatic fold up ramp and barrier arm is fitted to the entry end of the deck to prevent any likely hood of a wheelchair rolling off
For rises of over 600mm an automatic barrier arm is fitted to the upper landing

Optiona extra - Fitting the platform and the upper landing with a manual or automated landing gate.
Maintenance:For optimum performance, reliability and long term use, the lift should be serviced every 12 months by an approved technician.
Warranty:12 months on all parts and labour excluding misuse and/or malicious damage.
All changes must be in compliance with the lift code and the manufacturer reserves the right to approve or refuse any changes .

Especially designed to assist in providing disable access to Commercial Buildings, Schools, Community Halls, Retirement Villages and Business with multiple levels.

The Mariner unique structure and hydraulic system means that the traditional building cost associated in providing  load bearing walls, machine rooms and overhead space is not necessary.

  • AS1735 part 16.
  • BCA E3.6 Compliant.
  • Australian Made
  • Maximum distance of travel 7.5m.
  • Up to 4 levels
  • Weight capacity 350kg.
  • Very short deliver and installation times
  • Top of shaft 2350mm – No overhead space is required.
  • Machine cabinet included – eliminating a machine room.
  • Only 100mm pit.
  • Automatic in operation.
  • Available in a standard and deluxe finish.
  • Low in maintenance cost

Offering a budget solution in providing multi-level disabled access to a commercial premises. The Mariner 16 is ideal for schools, factories, churches, organizations, & government buildings.

Built to Australian Standard 1735 part 16, the Mariner 16 lift is BCA E3.6 compliant and is perfect for complying with the disable access regulations for commercial buildings, whether it be for a new or existing building.

Capable of servicing up to four levels with a maximum travel of up to 7.5 metres, the Mariner is powered by an advanced chain-over oil hydraulic drive system that requires no over head space or structural support.

Offering an alternative to the costly expense associated with providing load bearing walls, large slab footings and a machine room, the Mariner 16 comes complete with it’s own light-weight self supporting lift shaft, landing doors and machine cabinet.

Requiring only days to install, the Mariner 16 is custom built in Australia resulting in short lead times. Rated for 350kg, it can easily carry three people and has a clear car size of 1100mm x 1400mm x 2100mm between sensors.

Ausie Lifts have been wonderful in building, supplying and installing NOVA R250 platform lift for us. The lift now gives me access in and out of my home without the worry of trying to get up or down the stairs as I am on a wheelie walker or use a wheelchair. It is wonderful to be able to reduce the risk of falls by having lift to use instead of trying to negotiate stairs. I recently had to go to hospital via ambulance and the ambulance officers were very happy to be able to use the lift to get me out of the house smoothly and safely.

At one stage we had some mechanical issues with the lift but Aussie Lifts addressed the problem swiftly and it was back working in no time.

Aussie Liftshave made being able to stay in my own home a possibility and I am extremely grateful for this wonderful asset.

Beryl Stabe