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  1. Local vs Imported Lifts

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    Why should you choose a locally designed and built lift?


    What is the lead time up to delivery?

    From the date of contract signing you can expect to have your Aussie Lift delivered within 8 weeks.

    A typical timeframe to import is from 18 to 30.

    What is the installation time?

    Aussie Lifts products are designed with a self-supporting shaft, completely assembled and rigorously tested and commissioned at our factory prior to delivery to site, as such the installation time is minimal and typically from 1-3 days depending on the model and specifications. Any additional parts or modifications required to suit the application can be quickly accommodated.

    Imported products are typically delivered to site in their component form flat-packed, this requires additional space for unpacking and assembling, you can expect from 7 to 14 days to complete the installation. Any modifications required at this stage may result in additional parts being sent from the overseas supplier and project delays while waiting for delivery.

    Once my lift arrives will it fit?

    Our Aussie Lifts sales consultants will work with you every step of the way, from an initial site visit to working with your builder and the provision of site-specific engineering drawings and 3D modelling with your cosmetic selections. We understand that your requirements can change, we can quickly accommodate any alterations to pit depths, landing heights or door swings.

    Conversely, once an order has been placed for an imported product the waiting begins while it is transported by sea, during this time any last minute changes are not possible.

    Will parts and support be available into the future?

    Aussie Lifts has been designing and building lifts for over 25 years, we support every model built over this period and will continue to do so with parts always available. Our technical support team is available 24hours a day and understand every aspect of our product, more often than not we are able to address any issues over the phone without the expense of sending a technician.

    The range of imported lifts coming into Australia is consistently changing and it is not always possible to keep a full stock of parts for each model nor are there guarantees that parts will be available into the future. Should a technical issue not be able to be resolved by the local agent, it can take time to get a resolution from the overseas manufacturer. Many service companies may refuse to maintain any lifts aside from their own.

    Does the lift meet Australian Standards?

    Each Aussie Lift product has been designed and built from the ground up to meet and exceed the Australian standards and Building Codes. Our products have also undergone extensive engineering to provide a certified wind category rating to include a C4 cyclone rating.

    Imported products are typically designed to a range of international standards and sometimes modified to meet Australian requirements. It is worth asking what standard the lift has been design registered to and is this the correct standard for my premises? It is also worth determining if your building certifier will sign off on a product that does not meet the building code requirements that may be better suited for residential use.

    What are the costs?

    Because the Aussie Lifts product is pre-built and tested prior to arriving at your premises, our installation costs are comparatively low. We are not subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and do not need to pass on the high transportation costs of delivering products from overseas.

    Typically, as a complete turnkey solution, our products are a more cost-effective option and because Aussie Lifts can custom build a lift to suit your premises rather than your builder undertaking additional building works to fit a lift with set dimensions, the project costs can be minimised. Additionally, our lifts are all contained within a self-supporting shaft, therefore, no structural walls are required to the lift shaft.

    Aussie Lifts products are proudly certified as Australian Made and you can be confident you are supporting the local economy and jobs.


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    The NBN™ (National Broadband Network) is upgrading landline and internet networks around Australia.


    The new NBN is NOT guaranteed to work during a blackout. It is a legal requirement to ensure your lift emergency telephone is “safe to operate”. This means that the elevator owners need to install a new “compliant solution” prior to NBN installation in their area.


    Register your Lift Emergency Telephone lines with nbn by visiting and follow the directions. Check when nbn will be ‘ready for service’ in your area.

    Order a Wireless Lift Emergency Telephone Solution, contact us on 1800 287 5438 or


    You will need to provide and maintain an activated sim card (standard size) from the provider of your choice that has coverage in your area.


    A standard installation should take up to 2hrs. Once ordered we expect that installation would be completed within 5 business days in metropolitan areas.


    Unfortunately the NBN cannot guarantee communication from a lift phone in the case of a power failure. So our solution is to use a mobile solution GSM unit with battery back up and be independent from the NBN.


    Price depends on whether there’s mobile coverage. Please contact Aussie Lifts on 1800 287 5438 or for a quote.


    Depends on your mobile service provider as some networks work better in certain areas, a simple check is to use your own mobile to check the signal strength or ask your network provider.


    The lift phone has a 24 Hour standby time on battery power and 2.5 hours talk time.


    A standard installation is where GSM unit can be mounted in, on or in close proximity to the controller, 240v power is available in or in close proximity to the controller. Mobile signal strength is such that the standard antenna can be used.


    12 months on parts.

  3. NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Orion C350 Commercial Lift

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    NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Orion C350 Commercial Lift

    Here at Aussie Lifts we are always at the forefront of developing our existing products, whilst also manufacturing new and exciting products. For some time now, we noticed a gap in the market for an Australian Made sliding door elevator. So for the past 18 months, our research and development team have been working hard on designing a solution for this gap. Today we are pleased to announce the release of the Orion C350.

    The Product

    The Orion C350 is the largest of all our lifts with a travel of up to 7.5 metres (4 levels). This lift is perfect for schools, factories, organisations & government buildings that require disability access to their premises.

    Built to Australian Standard 1735 part 16, the Orion C350 lift is BCA E3.6 compliant and is perfect for complying with the disable access regulations for commercial buildings, whether it be for a new or existing buildings.

    Offering an alternative to the costly expense associated with providing load bearing walls, large slab footings and a machine room, the Orion C350 comes complete with it’s own light-weight self supporting lift shaft, sliding landing doors and machine cabinet.

    Capable of servicing up to four levels with a maximum travel of 7.5 metres, the Orion C350 is powered by an advanced chain-over oil hydraulic drive system that requires no over head space or structural support. Requiring only a few days to install, the Orion C350 lift is built in Australia, which results in very short lead times. Rated for 350kg, the Orion C350 can easily carry three people and has a clear floor space of 1200mm x 1400mm x 2100mm.

    If you are after more information about the Orion C350 Commercial lift, please visit:


    If you would like to arrange an obligation free site visit, please contact our office on 1800 AUS LIFT (287 5438). Alternatively, you can email plans directly to for a formal quote.

  4. How Home Elevators Can Help Maximise Your Property Value

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    Looking to improve the value of your property? One way that’s quite popular among homeowners is to renovate or to add something useful to the property.

    Given that the population of Australia is aging, one such value-add that will be very useful is a home elevator. A recent report by the Australian government has found that the number of elderly people in Australia is set to double as people live longer and medical and health advances prolong life, and access in homes is going to be more important.


  5. NEW PROJECT – Heisig Display Home

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    The Client

    Established in 1970, Heisig Constructions is a family owned business operating throughout the greater Brisbane area. Heisig homes are different. They are unique. Each of their homes are a reflection of their multi award winning commitment to the design and construction of individual, energy efficient homes of exceptional quality.


    The Project

    Heisig Constructions recognised the value of including an elevator to new home builds. So after much research, they approached us to supply a Phoenix elevator for their beautiful display home ‘The Dream Catcher’.  Heisig Constructions planned this home as a smart home, which allows full access to the home for everybody! This display home is the first in the area to include consideration for disability access, allowing everybody of any ability to enjoy what they are creating!

    When manufacturing the lift, we worked very closely with the team from Heisig to ensure that the lift was finished to the highest standard.


    The Result

    The Phoenix lift has now been operational for just over 12 months and it is serving its purpose perfectly. The chosen cosmetic selections compliment the display home seamlessly.

    Since it’s addition, many people have enjoyed using the lift which has resulted in many enquiries. Heisig continues to deliver on its responsibility of meeting market demands and we are happy to partner with their great team in the future.

    If you would like more information about Heising or if you would like to visit the display home itself, please click the following link;

    If you are after more information about the Phoenix residential lift, please click the following link;

  6. NEW PROJECT – Alzheimers Association lifts

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    NEW PROJECT – Alzheimers Association lifts

    Because we manufacture our lifts, we are able to offer our clients custom sized lifts as per their requirements. This was the case with a recent project for the Alzheimer’s Association of Queensland.

    The Client

    We were approached by the team from Alzheimer’s Association of Queensland. Their Upper Mount Gravatt complex required an alternative access solution to their current ramp system.

    The Project

    The customer requested two custom sized elevators, which we were able to supply within their firm construction deadlines. Our sales team worked closely with the Alzheimers team to achieve the best result for each allocated space. After many consultation meetings, we were able to come up with a great access solution for the project. The in-house building designers from Alzheimer’s were able to visit our factory and showroom where they saw the lifts being built. As well as they were able to see our range of cosmetic options to which they were able to select the cosmetic options that worked for each building.

    The Result

    The lift has now been operational for a few weeks and it is servicing its purpose perfectly. The chosen cosmetic selections finished product looks great and serves its purpose perfectly.

  7. NEWS: Change of company ownership

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    Along with our new website, we have had some exciting events happen here at Aussie Lifts.

    New Ownership

    In January 2017, Mr Sam McLaughlin approached Aussie Lifts with the intention of joining the network of authorised Aussie Lifts re-sellers. After learning more about the company & the staff, Sam was very impressed with what the business stood for and how knowledgeable the staff were. He decided to approach the business owner, Ian Lawrance, directly asking if he would be interested in selling the company to him. Ian and his wife Dale were looking to retire, so they made the decision to sell the company. After 21 successful years, they had definitely earned it. Sam also approached Todd Lawrance asking if he would like to partner with him to be part of the future of Aussie Lifts. To which, Todd agreed. At the end of May, the business was sold to Sam McLaughlin & Todd Lawrance.

    The Partnership

    Todd Lawrance brings many years of lift industry experience to the company. He has worked at Aussie Lifts for over 15 years. He is constantly at the forefront of new development and manufacturing.

    Sam McLaughlin brings a fresh perspective & feel to the company. Sam has the experience of running many successful companies, so his knowledge is going to be very beneficial for the company and it’s ever growing clientele.

    The Future

    The future looks very bright for Aussie Lifts. We cannot wait to share the next few exciting months with our customers & re-sellers.

  8. Welcome: New website!

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    After a few of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved website.

    We have designed the website with the user and our customer base in mind. Our new website is easier to navigate and we have made accessing relevant information quick and simple. We believe educating the public about lifts is very important, so we also wanted our site to be as informative as possible.

    We hope you like the fresh new look to the website and the improved navigation that will allow you to find the information you need more quickly and easily.

    We are continuing to update our Projects and Testimonial pages with useful information about our work, so please do check back with us for updates.

    We value your opinion

    Please contact us to let us know what you think of our new website – all comments and feedback are welcome. Please also let us know if you cannot find something or would like to make any suggestions for new information or topics.