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Are you struggling with carrying heavy loads upstairs? Perhaps you need to move items between floors and would love a less intensive solution than carrying them yourself.

Whether you want increased access between the floors in your home, or you are looking for an access solution that makes the best of the space you have, the answer may come in the form of a dumbwaiter. A dumbwaiter is a service elevator that makes transporting items – groceries, laundry, firewood, etc. – between the floors of a home simple and reduces labour. A residential dumbwaiter makes it easy to have a kitchen on one floor and a dining room on another!

For years, people living in units or houses throughout the world have been depending on manual dumbwaiters to carry their household goods up and down from their ground level entrance.

Although the manual dumbwaiter is not new, the need for them has increased as the high cost of land has increased the prevalence of multi-level and hillside homes. Kitchens are now being placed on the upper level for views, even as easier lifestyles are being sought by homeowners

Recognising this, we have included a manual dumbwaiter into our range as an alternative to the costlier solution of installing a full-service lift.

How a Residential Dumbwaiter Works

The dumbwaiter is remarkably simple in terms of its operation. It works as a single shaft between two or more floors and is an improved version of the time-tested manual dumbwaiter in offering convenience for moving groceries, laundry, firewood (and more) between floors.

When you have a dumbwaiter, you will enjoy the smooth and easy operation of this lift in your home. The dumbwaiter lift is designed to make transporting goods between floors simple and easy.

The operation is simple and features a heavy-duty hoist machine, self-aligning ball bearings, a fully automatic brake mechanism, and in addition to this, the machine runs on machine grooved rails which ensure smooth operation every time.

The dumbwaiter from Aussie Lifts is a manual one, which means that you do need to operate it yourself – but it’s simple to use on your own and doesn’t require any power to operate it.

Depending on the model you choose, your dumbwaiter can lift from 32kg to 73.6kg. Worried about safety? Don’t be – every dumbwaiter lift comes with automatic brakes.

Benefits of a Dumbwaiter

When you have a dumbwaiter lift, you have a lift in your home that is designed to make transporting goods quick and easy. There are numerous benefits to the dumbwaiter, including:

  • Smooth and quiet operation with minimal effort
  • Simple design with ropes, pulley and fully automatic brakes
  • Extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free
  • Flexible opening on three sides if required
  • Can be installed by a carpenter

Just imagine you’re at the foot of the stairs with yet another heavy load of laundry or bags of groceries, and instead of having to climb the stairs, you can just pop the goods into the dumbwaiter and walk upstairs un-laden. With a dumbwaiter, you can do just that!

Buying a Dumbwaiter

Whether you have been struggling with your groceries or need some help to get things upstairs, a dumbwaiter from Aussie Lifts will make your life so much easier. The investment will pay for itself time and time again.

Dumbwaiter Cost

How much do dumbwaiters cost? Our friendly team would be more than happy to help you work out your needs. Our dumbwaiters are economical and affordable.

Call us on 1800 AUS LIFT (287 5438) or Enquire today in order to receive your dumbwaiter price quote.

Installing a Dumbwaiter is Quick and Easy

As we mentioned above, a dumbwaiter can be easily installed by a carpenter and will be up and running in no time.

The mounting of the guide rail on one side for the dumbwaiter car and counterweight offers flexibility in providing openings on three sides rather than only two. One of the most significant considerations in the design of the dumbwaiter lift is to make the installation process as effortless as possible.

Each of the models comes with a complete illustrated installation manual, along with an installation kit that includes the following inside:

  • All the support members pre-drilled, labelled and cut to size
  • The guide rails manufactured to the proper length, and the attachment holes are pre-drilled
  • The kit also includes all installation fasteners, hand rope and cables

Why Aussie Lifts?

We are an Australian owned and operated family business who are dedicated to providing easy-living solutions to people across Australia. We specialise in bringing solutions to limited mobility and disabled use needs and are always looking for new ways to enhance and improve our service offering.

We are different to other lift companies in that we manufacture over 90% of the lifts that we sell – whether through direct sales online or in store, or through the other lift companies in Australia.

We bring a range of lift solutions to the residential and commercial sector and would love to work with you to bring a dumbwaiter into your home or commercial space where you need it most.

We have a team of over 30 staff and a network of associated lift companies, and we operate Australia-wide, so you know that you are buying from a company with a great deal of expertise.

We are proud to offer exceptional customer service, dumbwaiters to suit your needs and an ongoing level of support to ensure you continue to enjoy your dumwaiter.

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