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A: Supplied with their own self supporting lift shaft, our range of hydraulic lifts are perfect for retrofitting as load bearing walls are not necessary. If selected cladding can be attached directly to the lift's shaft to reduce cost and size.
A: Yes, all of our lifts can be installed externally. In fact, most of the retrofits that we do have the lifts positioned externally with the landing door penetrating the external walls, resulting in the least amount of building works and disruption.
A: No. All of our lifts come with their own self supporting shaft. Therefore, no load bearing walls are required. In fact, depending on architectural design and decor the lift can have cladding attached directly to it's frame or be encased by stud walls.
A: Our standard residential lift is approximately 1.4m wide x 1.52m deep (including installation tolerances) and our commercial lifts 1.625m wide x 1.685m deep (including installation tolerances). For low rise applications the Nova R250 is approximately 1.42m wide x 1.54m deep (far less than a ramp option). *Please note these sizes are for standard lifts, we can manufacture to your specific requirements and ask that you contact your local supplier before designing or constructing any lift well or set down.
A: Depending on how a lift car is hoisted, some lifts require space above the lift shaft to house the lift mechanics or cylinder extension. This space is referred to as overhead space.
A: Typically less than $2 per month.
A: Our water hydraulic lifts require a pit of only 80mm and our oil hydraulic models require 100mm. For locations where this is not possible, due to retrofitting or issues with flooding, the ground level entrance can be fitted with a ramp.
A: Our experienced Project Managers will liaise with you and your builder to ensure minimal disruption and timely project completion.
A: Yes, it is a requirement under the lift code. Without an operational phone line we are unable to commission a lift.
A: No, all that is needed is an extension from your home or business line.
A: Generally, you will need a builder and an electrician. All Aussie Lifts' quotations include a comprehensive list of building works to be undertaken by others.
A: • The portable Mobilift requires no installation and can be transported with a standard trailer or utility. • The low rise platform lift can be installed within 1 day. • The Gemini residential lift usually takes 1-2 days. • Our other residential lifts take 3-5 days to install over the duration of the buildings construction. • Our commercial lifts typically take between 3-5 days to install over the duration of buildings construction.
A: Supplied with emergency battery back up, should the power ever fail whilst traveling inside the lift, the lights will remain on and the lift car will lower to the ground level for safe exiting. For our low rise lifts, over 30 operations can be sustained by the batteries on power failure.
A: No. All of our lifts are fitted with a manual lowering device inside their machine cabinet. This means by simply releasing the hydraulic valve, the lift car will lower to the ground level, were the groceries can be cleared away from the lift car sensors or retrieved.
A: By being the manufacturer of our own lifts, we have continual stock of lift parts and components. That is one of the benefits of buying Australian made.
A: As a manually operated dumbwaiter, the Silent Servant can be purchased as a kit and installed by a carpenter.