Speciality Commercial and Home Elevators by Aussie Lifts

As an Australian made and owned company with a combined 150+ years’ experience in the lift industry, Aussie Lifts continues to deliver outstanding elevator installations across Australia. Our Queensland Manufacturing facility includes a 2700sqm workshop with all the modern equipment required to custom build a lift to your specifications with a very short lead time.

We specialise in small commercial and home lifts, providing the elderly or disabled with the ability to move up and down each floor of their home or public building with ease. Every lift in our range can also fit standard electric wheelchairs.

Along with residential and commercial lifts, we also supply and install a variety of vertical platform and stairlifts, we are confident we have a solution to meet your access requirements.

Our hydraulic lifts can be installed internally and externally in both new construction plans and existing properties. A range of safety features can also be included such as emergency telephone, stainless steel handrails, and key lockable push button controls just to name a few.

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Why Choose Aussie Lifts?

We are an Australian owned and family operated business that has been providing easy access solutions Australia-wide since 1995. You can trust us to deliver the very best service and high-quality lifts.
We cater to individuals with limited mobility and the elderly in all our elevator products with lifts that extend between 2 and 4 floors only. By specialising in this area, we have perfected our designs to specifically suit the disabled and the elderly with a range of safety features that can be included.
Over 90% of lifts we sell are manufactured by us right here in Australia. When you choose Australian made lifts, you can trust that they are built to meet Australian standards. And when you buy Australian made, profits remain in Australia and you will be supporting the Australian economy.
Many competitors assemble and install lifts that were manufactured overseas at lower costs. Although internationally made lifts may be available at a cheaper price, you will find that maintenance costs far outweigh the initial savings. At Aussie Lifts, not only are our home elevators manufactured to the highest quality, but they will last longer and require less maintenance than our competitors.
Because our lifts are made right here in Australia, the delivery time between placing your order and installation is very short. That means you can get your lift installation underway quicker than many of our competitors.
We provide a 24/7 emergency service for all our customers with our phones diverted after hours to an on-call technician. Because we manufacture the lifts ourselves, lift parts and components are readily available if any servicing or repairs are required. We also don’t lock you into any long-term service contracts, however, we are available to provide a regular service at a reasonable price.

Why Purchase a Home Lift?

Ever considered installing a lift in your home? There are many reasons why it may be the right choice for you.

Have you been having more and more trouble going up and down the stairs every day? Or maybe you have a health problem or disability that means moving between floors is far more challenging than it should be? Make life a little bit easier by installing a home lift so that you can move around your house with ease.
Putting a limited mobility lift in your home is the best possible option for those who require wheelchair access between levels.
Do you plan on staying in the home you are currently living in when you retire? Consider future proofing your home by including a lift so that you can move between floors with ease as you approach old age.

Home Elevators

Home lifts are an option that any homeowner with mobility issues should consider. We have 4 home elevators available in our residential range: the Gemini and Apollo models specifically designed for limited mobility and effortless travel between 2 floors, the Endeavour lift which travels 4.0 metres and can hold extra weight and size capacity, and the Phoenix which is designed to travel up to 4 floors.

Commercial Lifts

Does your business need to provide disabled access? We have a range of lifts available to ensure that your business is compliant and accessible to all customers.

The Pioneer ML3000 is the most affordable commercial lift option available with a maximum travel distance of 4 metres while the Mariner 16 and OrionC350 can travel up to 4 levels. All lifts are BCA E3.6 compliant and have low maintenance costs.


Dumbwaiters can be installed in houses and apartments to move household goods up and down between levels. The manually operated, silent servant dumbwaiters we manufacture and install operate smoothly and quietly with minimal effort.

Because ropes and pulleys are used to operate our dumbwaiters, they are extremely reliable and practically maintenance-free. They also feature an automatic brake mechanism to ensure items can be moved safely.

Low Rise Lifts

Low rise lifts are designed to raise to a height of up to one metre, allowing wheelchairs and individuals with limited mobility to access areas with an individual step or rise. These elevators are easy to install and come in 3 varieties: the Bruno Residential, the Bruno Commercial and the Mobilifit for a portable option that can be moved around one facility or hired out to other organisations for use.


Lifts aren’t all that we do! Ramps are another one of our specialities, giving people easy access options wherever they need it.

We manufacture and install several different varieties of ramps including modular threshold and angled ramps designed for doorways, suitcase and trifold ramps for wheelchair access in and out of buildings and vehicles, as well as the pathway classic series suited for everyday use in all weather conditions.

Customised Lifts

Can’t see a lift in our range that’s the right fit? We can manufacture and design custom sized elevators to fit your premises and needs. Hydraulic lifts can be built in a variety of sizes, colours and with a range of options when positioning controls.

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