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A: Our range includes: • Disabled lifts for Residential and Commercial applications • Residential lifts for personal and limited mobility use up to 4 levels or 7.5 metres • Low rise wheelchair lifts • Portable wheelchair platform lift • Goods lifts • Dumbwaiters • Recreational vehicle lifts
A: Yes, originally a wholesaler of lifts to another lift company, Aussie Lifts started branding its own range of lifts through direct sales to the public and other lift companies in 2006. From conception, we started with one style of water hydraulic lift, to now manufacturing seven different styles of lift with three more under development.
A: Yes, specializing in lifts for disabled use, all of our lifts can easily fit a standard wheelchair and most electric wheelchairs. For special needs, we can increase the size of the lift car to accommodate larger wheelchairs.
A: Under the Australian Standard, lift code AS1735, lifts are split into two categories; limited mobility/disabled use or passenger use. Setting guidelines on weight capacity, size, speed, means of drive and application (single residential dwelling and commercial) lifts are designed and built to comply with these standards. As manufacturers of lifts in Australia, we must comply with these standards.
A: Under the ATO ruling lifts that are built to comply with AS1735 part 14, 15, 16* and 17 are GST exempt when needed for limited mobility/disable use. *Recent ATO changes now require part 16 lifts in commercial applications for non organization to be GST applicable.
A: • Custom sized lift car • Automatic door operators • Sensory operation for lift car and doors • Dual car controls • Audible and visual indicators • Automatic dialing telephone • In car alarm • Braille and Tactile • Stainless steel handrail • Customized positioning of controls
A: Because we manufacture lifts, we can offer custom sized lifts to meet client's needs.
A: Offering a range of self supporting lifts from $16,000.00 to $60,000.00, investing in a lift is quite comparable and sometimes cheaper than the cost associated with moving. Especially when adding up cost of removalist, real estate fees, stamp duties and personal time. On-going costs are kept to a minimum by low power consumption and realistic service rates.
A: You can either call us or send us an email and one of our friendly lift consultants will be in contact to organize a free no obligation quotation. Our services also include customized drawings, advice on the correct lift solution and positioning of the lift to minimize any associated building costs.
A: Yes. Simply email your plans through and a consultant will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.
A: Up to 4 levels or 7.5 metres of travel for residential and commercial lifts. We also have platform lifts for travelling up to 1 metre.
A: The travel is the distance between finished floor levels.
A: Two stop. In the lift industry, stops match the number of doors unless there are multiple doors at one level.
A: Used to hoist our range of elevators we have direct acting water and oil hydraulic lifts and indirect acting oil hydraulic elevators. Providing a similar ride, the major difference between the lifts are; direct acting lifts require either overhead space or a trench below the lift's pit for the cylinder extensions. Whilst the indirect cylinders are combined with chains to create a 1:2 ratio which is contained within the lift's shaft.
A: When it comes to the operation there are two term used "automatic" and "constant pressure". This describes the action that is required to operate the lift. Automatic means the lift will respond by the single press of a button. Constant pressure is where the button has to be held down for the lift to respond and operate.
A: For improved floor level accuracy and smoother arrival into a landing, a variable voltage, variable frequency drive can be fitted to the motor of our oil hydraulic lifts.
A: Yes. Referred to as dual entry or B model thru cars, all of our lifts offer this option.
A: Only our low rise wheelchair platform lifts have this option available for both residential and commercial levels.
A: Yes, this is available as an option.
A: Due to the design of our lifts, they are all fitted with swing action doors. Available in a number of different styles to help compliment your home or business the doors can be fitted with automatic door operators for disability use.
A: • Stainless steel handrail • Non-slip floor covering indoor/outdoor carpet • Emergency telephone • Two recessed down lights • Key lockable push button controls • Emergency stop button in the lift car • Photo electric sensors across the door entrance • Back up battery power for lighting & lowering of the car • Emergency manual lowering facility provided in the machine cabinet • A non-reversal timer of 5 seconds is fitted to allow the rider in the car enough time to open the landing door once the car has stopped without the threat of the car being called by another operator • Automatic homing of lit car • Time out in the event that the lift car is overloaded Our water hydraulic lifts have the following additional safety features; • Hydraulic low pressure detection switch • Non-return breather
A: If your lift is needed for Disability/Limited mobility use, than that is our specialty. Offering low rise platform lifts to lifts with enclosed lift cars, our lifts are built to the required Australian Standard, are BCA E3.6 complaint and designed registered with Work Place Health and Safety.
A: Whether you are after a lift that will become a feature or blend in with your buildings decor, we have a number of different finishes available when it comes to the landing doors and internal fit-out.
A: Depending on demand, Aussie Lifts can normally manufacture and supply an elevator for residential and commercial use between 6-8 weeks and 4 weeks for low rise elevators. Overseas supplied lifts are variable depending on stock on hand, availability and selected freight.
A: Yes, in more ways than one as not only will it add convenience and ease when dealing with moving laundry and groceries between floors but it will be a distinguishing feature for when you sell your house.