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A low-rise platform lift is an exceptional solution for a range of residential and commercial applications. Our range of low-rise platform lifts are vertical platform lifts which work to make wheelchair access simple and smooth. Our range of fixed platform lifts operate up to a lift of 1 metre, while our portable vertical platform lift can lift to 1.56 metres.

If you are seeking a solution for disabled access in a residential or commercial application, we can help! A low-rise platform lift is a great way for you to meet all disabled access needs, whether you are constructing or renovating a building.

The platform lifts from Aussie Lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offer a refined and practical solution to the access needs of wheelchair users.

The Benefits of a Platform Lift

When you are seeking greater access to a residential or commercial space, a platform lift may be just the thing you need! These lifts are specifically designed to give you greater access in locations where a full lift or a stair lift won’t suit the building design.

While ramps and elevators are common in many public buildings, there still exists the need for other equipment like vertical wheelchair lifts for use by wheelchair users.

A benefit of the platform lift is that they are designed in such a way that the user can be lifted or lowered to a raised platform without having to leave the wheelchair. A vertical platform lift is a simple way to get between floors smoothly, quickly and easily.

Our range of platform lifts brings greater independence to limited mobility users and can be accessed and used in various locations with a lift up to 1 metre, or in the case of our portable vertical lift, up to 1.56 metres.

Our Range of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

We are proud to offer two types of fixed vertical wheelchair lifts and one portable wheelchair lift as part of our range.

This is a new lift that we have on offer as part of our increased mobility solution. This lift is suitable for barriers that are less than a metre in rise height. This is a cost-effective solution and is designed to the highest specifications to ensure a smooth ride and a safe transition to and from the lift. When you are looking to install this lift, the process is straightforward, with building work kept to a minimum thanks to there being no pit or entrapment walls. This lift is designed to be used in residential settings only and will work to create greater access to your home and raised sections.
  • AS71735 part 14
  • Australian Made
  • Maximum distance of travel 1 metre
  • Weight capacity 250kg
  • Residential use only
  • Suitable for internal or external installation
  • Automatic in operation
  • Short delivery and installation times
  • Battery backup operation
The Nova C350 is a great lifting solution for use in commercial settings and is designed to work quickly and easily. It is simple to install and to use and has minimal building and installation work to be done. This lift is suitable to be used in both internal and external applications.
  • AS71735 part 14
  • Maximum distance of travel 1 metre
  • Commercial use only
  • Suitable for internal or external installation
  • Automatic in operation
  • Short delivery and installation times
  • Battery backup operation
This is a portable platform lift which can provide access to a range of points throughout a building. This lift is a great solution for a facility or commercial space. It is durable and manual, which means that you don’t need to find a power source to operate it. Its large wheels mean that it can access rough terrain, making it a useful investment for anyone seeking broad access to a range of locations. The portable Mobilift is also able to lift to elevations of up to 1.56 metres, making it a useful solution for a range of applications. This lift does not require any kind of building works to install it and is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. We also offer this lift for short-term hiring throughout south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales if required. Please contact us for more information if you would like to know more about hiring the Mobilift. Completely portable, the Mobilift can provide disabled access to more than one part of the same facility as well as offering a revenue earning through hiring it out to other organisations.
  • Suitable for Residential or Commercial applications
  • Maximum distance of travel 1.56m
  • Manual operation – Requires no power
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Provide disabled access to more than one area
  • Large wheels can negotiate rough terrain
  • No need for any building works
  • Available for short term hiring in SE Queensland & Northern NSW

Why Choose a Platform Lift from Aussie Lifts?

We are an Australian owned company who manufacture over 90% of the lifts that we sell, whether we’re selling through our store or through one of the suppliers that we provide to.

We place a huge emphasis on continual improvement throughout our company and are always seeking new ways to enhance the service that we provide. We would love to help you to achieve greater mobility in your life.

Please get in touch with us today to find out more about how a vertical platform lift can improve mobility within your home or commercial space.

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