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The RB150 VPL – Residential/Commercial

  The RB150 VPL Are you looking for a specially designed lift with little or no alterations to existing buildings? RB150 is an Open Platform Lift (also known as...

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The Bruno VPL – Residential

Whether the steps to your home are becoming difficult to manage or you’re in need of wheelchair access, the Bruno VPL is a perfect alternative to installing a long and expensive ramp. ...

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The Orion C350 Commercial Lift

The Orion C350 is the largest of all our lifts with a travel of up to 7.15 metres. Perfect for schools, factories, organisations & government buildings. Built to Australian...

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The Pioneer Commercial Lift

Pioneer Commercial External Lift School

Designed for commercial applications where a lift is required for disabled access and overhead space is not an issue, the Pioneer is perfect for organisations or businesses who have budgetary restraints....

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The Gemini Residential Lift

The Gemini is the most cost-effective, fully automatic residential lift solution in Australia for external applications. Specifically designed for everyday Australians with mobility issues, the Gemini is custom built...

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The Mariner Commercial Lift

          Offering a cost-effective solution in providing multi-level disabled access to a commercial premises. The Mariner 16 is ideal for schools, factories, churches, organizations, &...

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The Silent Servant

For years people living in units or houses throughout the world have been depending on manual dumbwaiters to carry their household goods up and down from their ground level...

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The Apollo Residential Lift

Perfect for new construction or retrofitting, the Apollo can easily be incorporated into a two-level home for independent living. Being custom built, the size of the lift and it’s...

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The Mobilift – Rental


           Portable Wheelchair Lift Hire Are you looking for a temporary portable wheelchair lift to hire? Why change the venue when you can rent a portable...

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