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The Bruno VPL – Residential

Whether the steps to your home are becoming difficult to manage or you’re in need of wheelchair access, the Bruno VPL is a perfect alternative to installing a long and expensive ramp. 

New to the range of lifts that we import, the Bruno VPL (Vertical Platform Lift) is a cost-effective solution to accessibility barriers in rises of less than 1.3 metres.

Designed to be installed against a landing or verandah externally, the Bruno VPL is also suitable for internal installation to help negotiate split level homes. With it’s steel structure and self-supporting shroud, 914 x 1372mm lift platform and compact machine cabinet, the Bruno VPL is capable of lifting 340kg.

A range of options additional options are available including automatic door operators and wireless pendants.

Supplied within 2-5 weeks, the Bruno VPL can be installed within a day and building works are kept to a minimum as there is no need for a lift pit or any entrapment walls.


Manufactured in:USA
Imported by:Aussie Lifts
USA Compliant:AMSE 18.1 ans AS1735:14
Application:Residential application
Installation:External or Installation
Drive systemScrew drive
Controls:Constant pressure operation & key isolation
Lifting Capacity:
Travels:Up to 1346mm
Lift Speed:
Supply Voltage240volt. Single Phase. 10amp RCD protected
Platform Size:914mm wide x 1372mm deep
(accommodates a large wheelchair or scooter)
Frame:Manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum
Warranty:24 months on all parts and labour excluding misuse and/or malicious damage.

Operation & Structure

  • Constant pressure operation. Automatic controls available as an option
  • Reliable screw drive
  • Supplied as a complete unit
  • No lift pit required
  • Available in either dual entry or 90 degree platform
  • Services 2 levels
  • Simple to use controls
  • Key lockable
  • Supplied with an external grade machine cabinet
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Permanent installation
  • Lifting capacity of 340kg
  • Weather-resistant finish & controls

Cost Effective

  • Complete free standing unit- no load bearing walls required
  • Low installation costs
  • Low home construction costs
  • Low running costs/power consumption
  • Single phase 240v power
  • Once a year maintenance


  • Unit shuts down when obstruction is touched under platform
  • Battery backup system – In the event of a power failure, the lift can operate 5 times per day for 7 days
  • Emergency stop switch on platform
  • Automatic self-lowering folding ramp

Peace of Mind

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Built to superior specifications using quality materials
  • Two year limited warranty
  • Quiet, smooth ride
  • Reliable DC battery power, available in all heights, ensures operation in power outage
  • Parts readily available
  • Lift delivered, installed and tested by qualified Lift Technicians
  • Unrivalled after-sales service