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The Pioneer Commercial Lift

Designed for commercial applications where a lift is required for disabled access and overhead space is not an issue, the Pioneer is perfect for organisations or businesses who have budgetary restraints.

Built to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard 1735 part 16 and BCA E3.6, the Pioneer can travel up to 4 metres and is able to carry 350kg. Custom built and supplied within short delivery times, the Pioneer is supplied with its own self-supporting shaft and offers huge savings in that cladding can be attached directly to the lift shaft and no machine room is required. Driven by two oil hydraulic cylinders, the Pioneer is economical to run and service.


Manufactured ByAussie Lifts.
Manufactured in:Australia by an Australian owned family company.
Standard Compliant:Meets and exceeds requirements of the Australian Standard AS1735 part 16 and BCA E3.6
Suitable for internal and external installation.
Installation:Crane in or dismantle.
The lift comes complete with tower, which can be fitted into an owners supplied shaft or have sheeting attached directly to the tower.

Cladding is to be in compliance with the lift code
Drive System:Direct Acting Oil Hydraulic Cylinders one each side of the lift car.
Supply Voltage240 volt 20 amp.
Travels:up to 4 metres (Intermediate landing is an option)
Lift Speed:0.145m per second under a 90kg load using a hydraulic valve block with an up stop
Lifting Capacity:350kg
Lift Tower:Built as a free standing self supporting unit, weighing approx 550kg the lift is fabricated from aluminum. The tower comes complete with doors, door jambs, flashing, electrical wiring and hydraulic cylinders.
Pit Depth:100mm
Car Size:Single entry "A Model" - 1100mm wide x 1450mm deep x 2100mm high.
Dual entry "B Model" - 1100mm wide x 1515mm deep x 2100mm high.

Clear space between the sensors is 1100mm x 1400mm

Depending on the selected finish, the size of the lift car and shaft may have to be increased to ensure the required floor space stays compliant with the BCA code
Car Configuration:Single entry "A Model" with entry and exiting on the same side.
Dual entry "B Model" with entry at the front and exiting via the rear.
Car Fitout:For a crisp clean look the lift car is lined in white colorbond laminated panels finished with butt joins and shadow lines.

Custom finishes such as Tasmanian Oak, MDF and Stainless Steel are available.

Standard features include:
Dual control inside the lift car
Braille & Tactile
Automatic dialing emergency phone
Stainless steel handrail
Four recessed down lights
Light curtain across the door entrance
Door hold open device
Non-slip floor covering indoor/outdoor carpet

Optional extra of a full length stainless steel control panels
Landing Doors:
Fitted with swing action doors the Pioneer can be supplied with a variety of door styles:
Redicote flush door with optional glass view panel
Patterned door from the Corinthian or Hume internal range
Metal door with optional glass view panel
Glass door
To assist in the operation of the doors, door hold open devices are fitted. Automatic door operators and swipe card security devices can be added to the landing doors as an optional extra.
Stations:Mounted on a stainless steel plate with stainless steel buttons, the electric controls are automatic operation.

For securing the against unwanted users, each control is fitted with an isolating key switch. Used in conjunction with the parking facility, the lift car will position itself just above the lower landing, preventing either of the landing doors from opening. This command can be overridden at either landing by keying the lift back on.

Weatherproof stations are available for external landing stations

Any Pioneer servicing an intermediate level will require visual and audible indicators to comply with BCA
Safety Features:
Stainless steel handrails
Non-slip floor covering indoor/outdoor carpet
Emergency telephone
Two recessed down lights
Key lockable push button controls
Emergency stop button in the lift car
Photo electric sensors across the door entrance
Back up battery power for lighting & lowering of the car
Emergency manual lowering facility provided in the machine cabinet
A non-reversal timer of 5 seconds is fitted to allow the rider in the car enough time to open
the landing door once the car has stopped without the threat of the car being called by another operator
Automatic lowering of lit car
​Optional feature

The hydraulic pump is controlled by a variable voltage variable frequent drive that provides a smooth acceleration giving unsurpassed passenger comfort in a hydraulic lift.
Machine Cabinet:The Pioneer uses a separate lift machine cabinet that creates a more compact lift design and eliminates costly machine room construction.

Fabricated from metal, and powder coated, to withstand the external elements, the cabinet is mounted at the ground level for easy access for emergency purposes.

Provided with a key lockable door, the cabinet contains the hydraulic power unit, hydraulic control valves, electrical control board, emergency power supply, cabinet light, emergency tools and instructions.

The cabinet size is 1800mm in height x 605mm in width x 335mm in depth.
Maintenance:We recommend that the lift be serviced at no greater intervals than 12 months, this will ensure the lift is maintained in a safe and reliable condition.
Warranty:12 months on all parts and labour excluding misuse and/or malicious damage.
All changes must be in compliance with the lift code and the manufacturer reserves the right to approve or refuse any changes.

Perfect solution for schools, community halls and commercial buildings.

Operation & Structure

  • Automatic in operation
  • Direct acting hydraulic cylinders (recycled oil) with electrical controls
  • Only a 100mm pit is required
  • Available in either single entry or dual thru car model
  • Services 2 levels with the option of 1 intermediate landing
  • Provided with 970mm wide swing action landing doors
  • Simple to use controls
  • Key lockable
  • Supplied with an external grade machine cabinet
  • Door hold open devices
  • Self Supporting
  • Dual car controls

Cost Effective

  • Every lift is stood, run and tested before being dispatched from Aussie Lifts Brisbane factory
  • Self supporting lift tower – no load bearing walls required
  • No separate machine room construction required
  • Low installation/constructions cost
  • Low running cost/power consumption
  • Single phase 240v power
  • Once a year maintenance


  • Automatic emergency battery backup lowering system
  • Additional manual lowering facility
  • Battery backup in-lift lighting system
  • Auto dialling emergency EM Phone
  • Emergency Stop and alarm button
  • Light curtain sensors across the lift car entrance
  • Key lockable push button controls
  • Hydraulic low pressure detection switch
  • Automatic homing of the lift car
  • Non return breather

Peace of Mind

  • Manufactured by a family owned and operated company
  • Australian made to Australian Standards
  • Built to superior specifications using quality materials
  • Warranty on parts and labour
  • Parts readily available
  • Lift delivered, installed and tested by a qualified Lift Technician
  • Custom built to meet the user’s needs
  • Unrivalled after-sales service
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable