1. The Gemini Residential Lift

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    The Gemini is the most cost-effective, fully automatic residential lift solution in Australia for external applications. Specifically designed for everyday Australians with mobility issues, the Gemini is custom built to an individual’s needs and is available in a number of colours.

    Whether you are looking for a solution to remain in your two storey home, due to limited mobility or a disability, the Gemini is perfect for installing against patios or verandahs.

    Complete with its own self-supporting enclosed lift tower, the Gemini is supplied as a finished product. Unique in design, the structure of the lift tower offers huge savings in associated building works as no load bearing walls or cladding is required.

    In fact, the way in which the lift is manufactured means further savings are made due to short lead times and even shorter installation times. Custom built in Australia, the Gemini can be altered in size and layout to suit each client’s independent needs.

    Accompanied by a number of different devices, the lift can be set up to have an automatic dialling telephone, visual and audible indicators, remote controls and automatic door operators.

    Reliable in performance and simple in operation, the Gemini has the capacity to lift 250kg, to a maximum height of 3.5m.

  2. The Apollo Residential Lift

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    Perfect for new construction or retrofitting, the Apollo can easily be incorporated into a two-level home for independent living.
    Being custom built, the size of the lift and it’s operation can be altered to suit individual needs.

    Originating from the basic concept of using water to hoist a platform, the Apollo has evolved into a lift that is purposely built for disabled use. Custom built, special consideration can be made with the operation of the lift through different style buttons, automatic dialing telephone and door operators.

    Able to travel 3.5 metres, the Apollo has the capacity to carry 250kg easily.

    Offering flexibility for tight spaces, the size of the lift can be reduced by altering the lift structure. The self supporting lift tower also means cladding can be attached directly to the lift.

    To help compliment the decor of your home, the Apollo has a number of cosmetic options available when it comes to the landing doors and the fitout of the lift car. In addition, the lift is jam packed with an array of safety features and is a breeze to install. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by selecting an Apollo when sticking to a budget.

  3. The Gemini 16 Residential Lift

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    “The first in our line of oil hydraulic lifts, the Gemini 16 offers the cost effectiveness of a Gemini, whilst offering extra weight capacity and size.”

    After the proven success of the original Gemini’s lift structure and our oil hydraulic system, we have been able to combine the two to provide a lift that is reliable, cost effective and easy to service. Boasting a lifting capacity of 350kg, the Gemini 16 is flexible in sizing whilst also being quiet and fast in operation.

    Fabricated in Australia and supplied as a complete unit, with its own enclosed lift shaft, landing doors, lift car, hydraulics, electrics and machine cabinet, the Gemini 16 is completely assembled, stood and then tested before being released for installation.

    Able to be craned in, dismantled or stood by hand, the Gemini 16 is perfect for retrofitting into an existing home or including into a new constructions.

    Designed to be placed against a patio or verandah, the Gemini 16 can be installed within a day or two and is available in a number of colorbond colours to help blend the lift in with the house.

  4. The Endeavour Residential Lift

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    If size is not an issue but the bank account and weight capacity is, then the Endeavour is the lift for you. The Endeavour has had a recent face lift to include the same cosmetic features as the Phoenix.

    Powered by two oil hydraulic cylinders, the Endeavour has a higher weight capacity than the water driven models. With a lifting capacity of 350kg, an ability to travel 4 metre and an option of a larger lift car, the Endeavour is the perfect solution for those wanting to improve their home living, especially when negotiating a split level house.

    Supplied as a complete free-standing unit with its own self-supporting tower, doors, hydraulics and pump, the Endeavour requires no load bearing walls.  Eliminating the huge expense of building a  conventional lift shaft, the Endeavour depending on the home decor and architectural design, can have cladding attached directly to the lifts frame.

  5. The Phoenix Residential Lift

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    Phoenix Residential LiftsFull of surprises, the Phoenix offers versatility in size, speed and design for multi-level residential properties.
    Custom-built in Australia as a free standing unit, the Phoenix has short lead times and eliminates many of the traditional costs associated with luxury lifts

    Capable of servicing up to four levels, with a maximum travel of 7.15 metres, the Phoenix is powered by an advanced chain-over oil hydraulic drive system that not only pushes the boundaries of residential performance but also dramatically reduces pit and overhead lift height requirement – especially important with height restriction.

    Supplied as a complete free-standing unit with its own self-supporting tower, doors, hydraulics and pump, the Phoenix provides flexibility in speed, weight capacity, size and finishes.

    Eliminating the huge expense of building a conventional lift tower, the Phoenix requires no load bearing walls and is easy to install.

    With a lifting capacity of 350kg, the Phoenix can easily carry two people (including a wheelchair) at an average lift speed of 0.185 m/sec or 0.292 m/sec if the enhanced option is selected.