1. The Silent Servant

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    For years people living in units or houses throughout the world have been depending on manual dumbwaiters to carry their household goods up and down from their ground level entrance.

    Although the manual dumbwaiter is not new, the need for them has increased as the high cost of land has begun the common trend of multi-level and hillside homes. Kitchens are now being placed on the upper level for views and easier lifestyles are being sort by home owners

    Recognising this we have included the Silent Servant into our range as an alternative to the more costly solution of installing a lift.  Simplest in operation the Silent Servant is an improved version of the time tested manual dumbwaiter in offering convenience for moving groceries, laundry, fire wood and more between floors.

    As the name implies, the Silent Servant incorporates many unique features:

    • Delivering a smooth and quiet operation with minimal effort.
    • The simplest design of the ropes, pulley and fully automatic brake mechanism is a major convenience for multilevel.
    • The use of the finest produced materials ensures a lifetime of trouble-free service.

    On top of that, the absence of batteries, hydraulic and electrical components makes the Dumbwaiter extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free.

    The mounting of the guide rail on one side for the dumbwaiter car and counterweight offers flexibility in providing openings on three sides rather than only two.

    One of the most significant considerations in the design of the silent servant is to make the installation process as effortless as possible.

    Each of the models comes with a complete illustrated installation manual, along with an installation kit that includes the following inside:

    • All the support members pre-drilled, labelled and cut to size.
    • The guide rails manufactured to the proper length, and the attachment holes are pre-drilled.
    • The kit also includes all installation fasteners, hand rope and cables.