Lift Maintenance: Services, Standards, Requirements, and Guidelines in Australia

Lift Service and Maintenance

Lift Maintenance Services

Fitted into your home to assist in everyday living, all lifts are designed registered with Workplace Health and Safety. Mechanical in operation, lifts require the same attention as a motor vehicle, and everyone knows that if you ignore your vehicle it could cost you in the long run through breakdowns and major repairs ❤️ Commercial lifts should be serviced every 6 months while residential should be serviced no less than annually with moderate use.

Looking for reliable elevator maintenance services near me in Australia? Our expert team provides top-notch elevator maintenance service, ensuring your elevators run smoothly and safely. We offer comprehensive packages that include routine inspections, timely repairs, and emergency support.

We recommend Lift Servicing as a breakdown preventive measure that can help prevent other problems from occurring that may result in an emergency call-out. Trust us for all your elevator maintenance services to enhance safety and efficiency in your building.

Aussie Lifts offers top-notch lift maintenance services near you in Australia. Our expert team ensures optimal performance and safety for all types of lift service maintenance. Trust us for reliable, local lift maintenance solutions 🖤 Lift Maintenance Services in AU.
lift maintenance services

Lift Servicing Requirements

Lift Maintenance Requirements

Aussie Lifts specializes in meeting all lift maintenance requirements in Australia, ensuring compliance with lift maintenance legal requirements. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades to keep your lifts operating safely and efficiently.

We understand the importance of adhering to Australian standards and regulations, offering tailored maintenance plans to suit your needs. Ensure safety and reliability with comprehensive elevator maintenance requirements, including regular inspections, timely repairs, and compliance with safety standards. Trust Aussie Lifts for reliable, professional lift maintenance solutions that prioritize performance.

Elevator / Lift Maintenance

Aussie Lifts ensures smooth expert operations with lift maintenance. Following lift maintenance guidelines rigorously, we specialize in elevating safety and reliability. Our team handles all aspects of lifting equipment maintenance, prioritizing efficiency and compliance. Trust us for top-tier elevator maintenance, ensuring optimal performance, sureness, and longevity 💦 Elevate your standards for maintenance of elevators with Aussie Lifts today!

Water Lifts Maintenance

Water lifts such as the Gemini and Apollo require a minor service undertaken annually with a major service completed every 4th year of your servicing schedule to comply with manufacturing specifications.

Commercial Lift Maintenance

Aussie Lifts specializes in top-quality commercial lift maintenance, ensuring the safety and reliability of your business’s lifting systems. Our expert team follows stringent maintenance protocols to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. From routine inspections to comprehensive repairs, we provide unparalleled service for all your commercial lift maintenance needs. Trust Aussie Lifts for optimal performance and safety in your commercial properties.

Residential Lift Maintenance

Aussie Lifts offers exceptional residential lift maintenance, ensuring your home’s lifts are safe, reliable, and efficient. Our skilled technicians follow stringent guidelines to provide comprehensive care, from regular inspections to necessary repairs 💠 Credit to Aussie Lifts for top-tier service, enhancing the longevity, safety, and performance of your residential lifts.

Minor Services for Water Lifts involve:

  • Flushing the water system and reserve tank to ensure cleanliness and prevent blockages;
  • Checking all safety devices to guarantee safe operation;
  • Inspecting the electronic and battery backup systems to ensure functionality during power outages;
  • Checking mechanical components of the lifts and making adjustments as necessary for smooth operation and longevity;
  • Lubricating moving parts to enhance efficiency;
  • Inspecting and tightening all electrical connections to prevent malfunctions and ensure reliability.


Major Services for Water Lifts involve:

  • Stripping and cleaning cylinders to remove debris and ensure smooth operation;
  • Stripping and cleaning the manifold to maintain optimal performance and prevent blockages;
  • Stripping and cleaning solenoids to ensure accurate and efficient functioning;
  • Replacing seals to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the system;
  • Conducting a comprehensive inspection of all components to identify potential issues and address them proactively;
  • Performing a full system test to verify proper operation and safety compliance.

Home Lift Maintenance

Aussie Lifts provides premier home lift maintenance, ensuring your home elevators are safe, reliable, and efficient. Our expert technicians adhere to stringent guidelines, offering comprehensive care from regular inspections to essential repairs. Concerned about home lift maintenance costs? We offer transparent pricing to answer, “How much does lift maintenance cost?” ⚡ Bank on Aussie Lifts for top-tier home elevator maintenance that enhances performance and longevity, providing peace of mind and value for your investment.

Lift Maintenance Standards

Australian Standards for Lift Maintenance

Aussie Lifts excels in delivering the highest lift maintenance services that adhere to lift maintenance standards. Our skilled team ensures compliance with all lift maintenance Australian standards, providing routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades ⚡ We prioritize safety and performance, offering tailored elevator maintenance plans to meet your specific needs.

Believe Aussie Lifts for professional, reliable lift maintenance standards that uphold Australian regulations and keep your lifts running smoothly and safely for a long period.

Oil Lifts Requirements

Oil Hydraulic Lifts such as the Orion, Phoenix and Mariner require at minimum an annual service or a service every six months for frequent use. We meet all oil lift requirements, ensuring top performance and reliability in your lifts.

Elevator Repair and Maintenance

Aussie Lifts excels in lift repair and maintenance, providing comprehensive services to ensure your elevators are always safe and operational. Our expert team specializes in lift maintenance and repair, addressing all issues promptly and efficiently. From routine elevator repair and maintenance to urgent fixes, we offer reliable solutions to keep your lifts running smoothly ⚡ Count on Aussie Lifts for unmatched service and expertise.

Services for Oil Hydraulic Lifts Involve:

  • Checking the hydraulic oil and control valves;
  • Checking all safety devices;
  • Checking of the electronic and battery backup systems;
  • Checking mechanical components of the lift and making adjustments as necessary.


Elevator Installation & Maintenance Services

Aussie Lifts offers comprehensive lift maintenance services, backed by transparent lift maintenance agreements. Wondering about lift maintenance costs? Our competitive pricing ensures value for your investment. From lift installation to ongoing maintenance, we provide reliable elevator installation and maintenance services. Choose Aussie Lifts for lift installation and maintenance, & keep your lifts running smoothly while delivering exceptional value and peace of mind.

Lift Maintenance Contract

Aussie Lifts offers top-notch lift maintenance contracts tailored to your needs. Our expert lift maintenance contractors ensure your lifts remain safe, reliable, and efficient. With comprehensive service agreements, we handle routine inspections, repairs, and emergency services. Choose Aussie Lifts for professional and dependable lift maintenance solutions that guarantee peace of mind.


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