Guaranteed Peace of Mind: Important Safety Features For Home Lifts

Safety is always a priority, and when considering a mobility solution, it should absolutely be top of mind.

A personal lift might feel like a daunting prospect and will naturally raise the question “how safe is it?!” The good news is that when high-quality engineering and a strong service combine, a home lift is one of the safest investments you can make for your future.

Be sure to do your research and only invest in a home lift that ticks the following six boxes.

1. Inbuilt safety features

A home lift offers a high-value wow factor, but what’s behind the scenes matters most. Safety features vary; compare models and ensure a backup battery and emergency phone are included. If power goes out, the battery provides safe passage, while the phone connects you with a specialist for extra support.

2. Lift consultancy

You should not invest in a lift ‘out of the box’. Every home is different from a structural point of view, and every family is different in terms of the mobility solutions they seek.

A detailed, pre-purchase consultancy makes sure you end up with a lift solution that matches your mobility needs exactly, without any shortfall, while seamless structural integration means no risk of installation hiccups or weak spots.

3. Annual servicing schedule

Whether your home lift is high use or not, the correct service schedule for your make and model is a powerful preventative measure you must take to keep it in great working order.

Follow the advice of your lift specialist around servicing and you will:

  • Minimise the risk of breakdown
  • Reduce the likelihood of needing an emergency call out
  • Comply with your warranty
  • Ensure your safety and backup systems are in order

4. Industry-leading warranties

Access to support and parts when you need them are critical for the home lift because getting on with life without it, while enduring lengthy delays, is much more than a minor inconvenience.

Check your product warranties for exclusions and fine print while also having a clear understanding of where in the world your support team and parts are located.

5. Construction

Many lifts are manufactured overseas, which can be a great thing if you live in the country of origin. However, for us here in Oz (aside from the complexities an overseas lift creates from the warranty perspective) overseas lifts have not been manufactured to suit Australian conditions.

The Australian climate is unique, and even within these parameters, we have climate differences to consider between the states. Variations also exist within lift categories. You have the option of oil lifts, internal or external facing, frequency of use, and weight considerations.

Manufacturing must ensure that the details of your life and your environment have been taken into consideration to get a home lift that will perform well for many years, and can guarantee the greatest safety.

6. 24/7 Tech Support

A big part of feeling safe comes from knowing there is a real live person available when you need them.

With 24/7 tech support available to you, you can invest in a lift knowing that you have the necessary physical and emotional backup, ensuring that you will never be left stranded, literally or figuratively.

Since 1995, Aussie Lifts has dedicated itself to providing accessible, luxurious, and stylish home lifts. We locally design and manufacture premium quality lifts in Brisbane to deliver an affordable, life-changing investment. Made with care from our family to yours, speak with one of our specialists today. Stay in the home you love.

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