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How Home Elevators Can Help Maximise Your Property Value

Looking to improve the value of your property? One way that’s quite popular among homeowners is to renovate or to add something useful to the property.

Given that the population of Australia is aging, one such value-add that will be very useful is a home elevator. A recent report by the Australian government has found that the number of elderly people in Australia is set to double as people live longer and medical and health advances prolong life, and access in homes is going to be more important.

As we grow towards an aging population, there are many homeowners who are looking to make their homes more accessible for elderly people and for those who may suffer disabilities as they age.

A lift is a sensible value-add to put in place, and something that many homeowners are installing. After all, a key problem faced by elderly homeowners and renters alike is that they find it hard to get up and down the stairs. Weak knees and other joint problems can make a simple flight of stairs a big problem to navigate. A lift makes short work of a flight of stairs, and plenty of potential buyers and renters alike will be excited by the prospect of a mobility aid like a lift.

Benefits of a Home Elevator

Elevators aren’t just for the elderly – although they are exceptionally handy when getting up and down the stairs proves tough. An elevator in the home can be a useful addition for the busy family who have heavy groceries, small children, prams and other heavy things to carry.

Lifts can include dumbwaiters (which are ideal for transporting groceries, firewood and heavy items between floors) and also in-home passenger lifts. By installing a lift, you’ll not only get the benefit of the lift while you’re living in the home, but you’ll also enjoy the resale value of your house which will be raised by the inclusion of a lift.

Think to the Future

When you install a lift in your home, you are making a plan for the future. You are ensuring that elderly parents can continue to visit you in your home and enjoy full access to the levels of your house. If you have an upstairs entertaining area or bedrooms that are on upper floors of your house, you will be ensuring that anyone who visits can enjoy unhindered access. If in the event that a loved one suffers an injury or illness and is unable to walk unassisted any longer, a lift will provide the peace of mind that no other kind of aid can. Staying in your own home when you lose mobility ensures that a sense of independence continues.

A Lift Adds Value

We can establish that an in-home lift can go a long way towards improving the access and peace of mind in your home – which is priceless in terms of the value it adds to your life. And we have also seen that an elevator in the home can ensure a sense of independence. But a lift in the home will also raise the tangible monetary value of your home, which is yet another incentive to invest in a home lift.

Home lifts can be installed remarkably easily – and in our case, almost all our home lifts can be retrofitted (like the Gemini), which means that they can be installed on an existing structure like onto a patio or a veranda. Some of our lifts are better incorporated into a new dwelling (like the Phoenix), but are suitable for access up to four levels.

Invest in a Lift Today

At Aussie Lifts, we are leaders in providing in-home lifts which improve access for everyone. Whether you have limited mobility or disability needs and want independence in your home, or want to future-proof your home against ageing-related access issues, we can help.

Call us on 1800 AUS LIFT (287 5438) or book a free consultation online. We’d love to provide you with an in-home appraisal.