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To meet this need, we provide a range of disability ramps, threshold ramps and wheelchair ramps to help people get to where they want to be without obstacles.

Portable Ramps

We manufacture all our portable wheelchair ramps with the user in mind and look to provide a lightweight and durable solution for your accessibility needs. We offer a strong ramp that is designed to work with your life and deliver these portable ramps with a strong focus on safety as well. Our easy-to-use range of portable disabled ramps from Aussie Lifts promise to work in with your wheelchair or access scooter and will bring you greater freedom and flexibility with your movement.

Our range of portable ramps include our Suitcase Advantage Series and our Trifold Advantage Series.

This is a ramp that you can take with you on the go, thanks to its suitcase design. The ramp separates into two sections with the removal of hinge pins, with each section having its own handle for ease of transport. This is an ultra-strong ramp which is manufactured with welded aircraft grade aluminium. With a focus on safety, the suitcase ramps from Aussie Lifts all come with non-skid surfaces. With five different sizes for different applications, this ramp has a weight capacity of 360kg and is available with an optional top lip extension.
As the name indicates, this range of wheelchair ramps offers the length needed to access steps, vehicles and raised landings. The ramp can either be carried as one unit or separated into two sections. Useful for transport and storage, this unit has interlocking brackets for ease of use.
Handy for use as a quick solution, the suitcase ramp from the Signature Series folds quickly and easily making it ideal for access. It features a no-pinch, non-protruding full-length live hinge and extruded tread for traction.

Threshold Ramps

Whether you need one of our threshold ramps for greater access in your workplace, you are after a solution that meets the needs of your aged care and retirement facility, or you want a safe and comprehensive solution for your home use, we can help.

At Aussie Lifts, we are in the business of improving your access no matter where you are, and offer this affordable and practical solution as a means for improving your access in the home and in the workplace. Our traditional modular entry ramp solution gives you access on its own, or it may be combined with a second ramp to make entry and/or exiting safe.

This lightweight, portable ramp is designed as a doorway ramp, a sliding door ramp and threshold ramp. Enjoy easy installation and support of up to 270kg. The non-skid driving service of this ramp adds to the safety of operation, and it comes in five different sizes for different applications.
This ramp is slip-resistant and manufactured from recycled tyres. It’s a great option for both indoor and outdoor use and offers a safe and smooth surface. This is a great option as a sliding door ramp as it doesn’t interfere with the door tracks.
This stand-alone ramp features adjustable legs and can accommodate a range of applications with various heights. This is also a useful feature when a surface is not level. Use this ramp on doorways which swing both inwards and outwards. It’s an ideal ramp for a single step rise.

If you don’t see the ideal application for your home or commercial space here, get in touch. One of our friendly team can discuss your needs and work with you to deliver the right wheelchair ramps solution.

About Aussie Lifts

We are an Australian owned and family run business who have been working to provide easy living and access across Australia since 1995. We specialise in limited mobility and disabled use, and we are proud to offer a range of solutions for Australian users. We are always seeking new ways to innovate our service and work hard to bring the best accessibility service and disabled ramps to you.

Something that is unique to us is that we manufacture over 90% of the lifts and ramps that we sell – whether it’s sales through our own company or to other lift companies and ramp companies across Australia.

We take our role in the community very seriously and pride ourselves on our part in helping Australians to live independently – whether it’s in the home or in the community.

We work with an organisational and occupational therapist, and custom build our lifts and ramps to suit the user.

We have a team of over 28 staff and an ever-expanding network of companies who supply and install our lifts and disability ramps across Australia.

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