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Aussie Lifts offers a range of limited mobility permanent and portable wheelchair lift solutions that can be used in the home or in public places such as sporting clubs, train platforms, schools, community centres, stages and conference rooms. Our range of models has many options and configurations to suit your needs. Wheelchair elevators and platform lifts options can accommodate scooters and large wheelchairs.

Reasons to Install a Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair lifts for homes or portable wheelchair platform lifts can be a solution for limited mobility and access problems. Limited mobility elevators can help commercial buildings meet accessibility requirements and can be added to residential homes to future-proof your home.

  • Helps you stay in your home for longer
  • Alternative to stairs
  • Less expensive than the cost of a new kitchen
  • Meets Australian Legislation accessibility requirements

About Wheelchair Lifts

Overcome steps, vertical barriers and access other building levels with our elevator and vertical platform lifts. These are fully powered devices that can help those with limited mobility have ease of access in and out of buildings.

Limited Mobility Wheelchair Elevators

Limited mobility lifts and wheelchair elevators can be fitted:

  • Into new or existing homes
  • Internally or externally

Our products come in versatile designs and will help you achieve maximum accessibility.

Australian Business Accessibility Requirements

Australian Legislation requires business buildings to provide access for those with a disability. New buildings must meet the National Construction Code and the Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards, and older buildings will be required to meet these standards if major changes or renovations are carried out.

For more information, see the Australian Business Accessibility Requirements.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has also published advisory notes to help builders and developers in the construction of new buildings to fulfil the requirements outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

For more information, see the advisory notes here.

Why Choose a Platform Lift over a Stair Chair Lift?

Sometimes people choose stair chair lifts because they are initially seen to be the cheaper option.

Stair chair lifts can be difficult to get in and out of and often require extra assistance, whereas the lifts that we install in homes can be fully operated by the person with limited mobility as they have excellent design features, can be built large enough to allow for turning space for a wheelchair or scooter, can have dual entries/exits and can come with remote controls.

Stair lifts may at first seem to be a cheap alternative to allow you or your loved ones to stay in their home, however, this solution often fails to consider the movement of groceries and other personal items between floors or onto elevated verandas or platforms.


  • Free standing
  • Compact footprint
  • No need for a pit
  • Different models (can be customised to suit different floor plans)
  • Cheaper option than selling and moving from your home

Safety Features:

  • Emergency Backup Operation in case of power failure. In the event of mains power failure, the lift can complete approximately 30 runs on the back-up batteries
  • Non-slip floor covering
  • Under-pan sensor detection underneath
  • Handrails
  • Emergency stop function
  • Automatic retractable ramp and barrier arm (lower landing)
  • Key lockable push button controls
  • Burst hose protection (hydraulic fuse)

Accessibility Customisation:

Depending on the lift model, Aussie Lifts’ limited mobility lifts can be constructed with many accessibility customisations to suit your needs.

For example:

  • In-car emergency telephone
  • Light ray door sensors
  • Emergency battery backup lowering system and lighting
  • Easy to use manual lowering valve, should the lift ever need to be lowered
  • Option of handheld remote control
  • Ramp and barrier arm at ground level

Indoor vs. Outdoor Vertical Lifts

Indoor lifts act much like an elevator when installed within a shaft-way. There are options to install a platform lift (to make it operate like a home elevator – potentially cheaper option).

Outdoor vertical lift platforms may come with or without a roof to protect a user from the weather. Some vertical platforms are open and have gates and doors that act as an entry or exit to the platform lift.

Limited Mobility Lifts


Many of the Aussie Lifts range come with the option to be fitted with steel handrails, non-slip floor covering, emergency telephones and can be fitted with dual entries. These internal and external elevators can be adjusted for size.


  • High-quality Australian designed and produced lift
  • Economical solution for disabled access
  • Complies with Australian Standards
  • Free standing design
  • Can be installed internally or externally
  • Can fit into small spaces compared with a ramp
  • As no pit is required there are lower construction costs
  • Can be installed/fitted in multiple ways allowing it to be incorporated with greater ease into different types of projects, buildings and in conjunction with verandas
  • Can be fitted in several different locations (does not need to be fitted against a load bearing wall)

Portable Mobility Lifts

Aussie Lifts offers a portable mobility lift that has large wheels, enabling you to access more than one part of the same facility. This portability feature means that it can even be moved to different locations or hired out to events. It is easily moved, requiring only 1.8kg of pressure to begin rolling it and can be operated and manoeuvred by one person. This portable wheelchair lift can fit most electric wheelchairs and even small electric scooters.

Wheelchair Lift Models


Aussie Lifts has the highest standard of after-sales care and customer service. We will help you get the right wheelchair lift at the right price. Call us and speak to one of our experienced lift specialists.

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