Dumb Waiters

Dumb Waiters

Perfect for multi-story home, used to carry household goods up and down from a ground-level entrance.

Dumb Waiters Options

The Silent Servant is a manually operated dumbwaiter specifically designed to move goods throughout your household or building.

  • Industry leading warranty
  • Short lead times
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Simplest design
  • Available options with openings, size and the weight capacity
  • Easy to operate- single user set up and use
  • Silent manual operation
  • Simplest design
  • Self-aligning ball bearing
  • Engineered aluminium guide-rails
  • Precision molded bearing-quality guide shoes
  • Heavy-duty hoist machine
  • Time-saving installation features
  • Ecologically sound
  • Environmentally friendly


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