Residential Lifts

Residential Lifts

Aussie Lifts’ residential elevators are helping people with mobility issues ‘stay in the home you love’ by providing accessibility with safety and ease.  Installed for practical purposes or as a luxury feature, lifts are an appealing attribute, an excellent way to future-proof the family home and offer the perfect access solution for multi-level residences.  Easily incorporated into an existing house or new build, an Aussie Lifts’ lift will add value and convenience to your home.

Residential Lifts Options

gemini white lift

The Gemini is the most cost-effective, fully automatic residential lift solution in Australia for external applications.

residential phoenix

The Phoenix offers versatility in size, speed and design for multi-level residential properties.

aussie residential orion

The Orion R350 is the largest of all our lifts with a travel of up to 7.15 metres.

  • People with mobility limitations.

  • Those wanting to future-proof the family home.

  • Family members seeking peace of mind knowing their elderly loved ones are safe in the comfort and security of their own home without having to negotiate stairs.

  • As land size gets smaller and residential areas denser, more multi-level dwellings are being constructed making lifts more than a luxury, in some instances they are becoming a necessity for accessibility.

  • Elevators are the new trend – butlers pantries, home cinemas and wine cellars have become the norm in the mid to high-end residential market, so those wanting another smart, innovative way to add convenience and attract interest to their property are installing a lift. That’s not just smart, it’s practical!

  • Whether for luxury or necessity, a home elevator is a sound investment.

  • Industry leading warranty

  • Australian Made (certified)

  • Meet and exceed Australian Standards (code AS1735 Parts 16 & 18)

  • Short lead times – from 5 weeks

  • Cost-effective – self supporting aluminium towers reduce construction and installation costs

  • Quick installation – usually within 2 days

  • Designed for Australian conditions

  • Range of safety features

  • Custom finishes and options available

  • Low maintenance and affordable servicing, parts are readily available within Australia

  • Excellent running costs and power consumption

  • Internal and external options

  • Limited mobility features

  • Standard and deluxe models available

  • Custom design options

  • Safety hand rail

  • Carrying capacity 250kg – 350kg*

  • Lifts that can run 1-2 levels or up to 3-4 levels*

  • Single press easy use buttons

  • Optional handheld remote operation

  • Custom interior finishes

  • Indoor/outdoor carpet

  • Landing doors of your choice so they integrate into your home

  • Different car sizes, weight capacity and speeds available

  • Ability to custom build to meet your individual needs

  • Recessed down lights

  • Photoelectric sensors across door entrance

Note: Depending on the selected finish, the actual size of the lift car may alter.  Additional costs may be incurred with some options