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Mobilift Portable Wheelchair Lift

The Mobilft is a portable platform lift that provides temporary wheelchair access to all types of indoor and outdoor areas. With a 1.5 meter maximum rise, the Mobilift is ideal for many locations or venues. Unlike most vertical platform lifts, the Mobilift CX is manually powered and its unique counterbalanced weight system combined with a highly-efficient cranking system means lifting a 136kg (wheelchair and 1 person) to a height of up to 1.5m requires only 5kg of force and can be done within 20 seconds! The absence of batteries, hydraulic and electric components makes this Wheelchair lift extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free.

How It Works

  • Schools

  • Festivals

  • Events

  • Community activities

  • Private homes

  • Platforms

  • Stages

  • Verandas & porches


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At Aussie Lifts we provide home lifts and small commercial elevators as a means for everyday Australians with limited mobility or a wheelchair disability to live independently both within their home and in the community thanks to our high-quality home elevators.

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