A domestic lift unlocks the full potential of your home

Stylish and convenient

Lifts for houses and private homes represent the future of stylish living, allowing you to move smoothly and swiftly between different floors of your home. Our lifts offer you everyday luxury and the highest level of safety for peace of mind.

SWIFT is specifically designed to be integrated with your home without any of the complicated building works required with traditional lift elevators. Our lifts for houses and homes are safe, smart and silent.

The market's most modern and advanced lift for houses and homes.


A residential lift for a smaller budget.


A domestic lift future proofs & increases comfort.

A domestic lift is a smart investment.

Do you have the kitchen on the second floor? Fed up with carrying heavy items? With a domestic lift you can comfortably access all floors of your home or use the lift to transport heavy items. A domestic lift unites families, increases comfort and adds that extra everyday luxury

Your domestic lift can be customized to fit beautifully in your home, regardless of house, number of floors or interior design style. Your lift will make sure you don’t need to relocate when you grow older, and it will make your home attractive to a larger audience. A home elevator is simply a good investment for many years to come.

A conventional elevator requires a safety pit, an additional machine room, an external shaft and doors on each landing. As a result the elevator requires a lot of space. In a private home this becomes a problem.

Conventional ways don't work

SWIFT his a unique domestic lift using a platform lift solution. The platform lift has a built-in machine room, a modular and all-inclusive shaft solution with no need for an external shaft, additional doors on the landings or complicated building works as of elevators for commercial buildings. Unlike traditional elevators, SWIFT can be installed right on the floor or set into a 50 mm pit. The total footprint can be less than a wardrobe.

SWIFT if compact

The domestic lift from SWIFT is based on a screw and nit drive, which means no need for oil as for haudralic lift solutions. All SWIFT use standard 230 V 1-phase avoiding the additional cost to prepare 3-phase.

A domestic lift run on standard power

SWIFT comes in 2 models.


SWIFT Pro is our most advanced home lift with several options for personalised settings. Available in 4 sizes and 5 different colours with a capacity of 250kg – 400kg. Different floor options by Danish design company Ege Carpets, one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of sustainable high-quality carpets.


SWIFT Lite is our basic home lift designed to meet the requirements of a limited budget without compromising on style and comfort. Available in 4 sizes and 3 different colours with a capacity of 250kg – 400kg.