Elevate Your Options: Deciphering the Best Lift for Your Needs

The range of lift options in any product line can feel overwhelming. When the stakes are high, it’s even more daunting. Unless you’re an expert, the differences are often unclear. 

Use the following breakdown. Use it to get clear about key things. They are important when researching your home or work lift.

Do you need an inside or outside lift? How many floors does it need to travel? What structural features in your home must be considered?

Look at the chart of our Australian-made Aussie Lifts below. Use it to make a shortlist. Then, use the shortlist as your guide for deeper research


Stay in the home you love. Add a residential lift. It will boost your property’s value and give you a lifestyle perk, all with a small cost.

Pioneer Residential lift


Internal applications up to two levels

  • Zero overhead space above 2350mm
  • No load-bearing walls
  • No machine rooms

It is also:

  • Powered by an advanced hydraulic system
  • Designed for installation into a timber lift well
  • It provides flexible speeds. It also has a smaller size and custom finishes.
  • Accessible by Voice Control
Gemini Residential lift

Gemini Hyd 16

External applications up to two levels

Get on board for a lift solution that is:

  • Key lockable
  • Comes  with an external grade machine cabinet
  • Available in single or dual entry
  • Pre-assembled and commissioned at our factory before dispatch
  • Designed for up to wind region C3

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Meet all your safety, functionality, and accessibility needs. This lift is powerful, beautiful, and impressive.

Orion commercial lift


Internal or external applications up to four levels

Our largest lift with all the power you need for schools, factories, organisations and government buildings:

  • AS1735 Part 16, Part 12 and DDA compliant
  • BCA E3.6 compliant
  • Wind-rated to C2/180kph
  • Weight capacity up to 500kg
  • No machine room required
  • Automatic sliding doors as standard
  • Low maintenance costs
Marina Commercial lift


Internal or external applications up to four levels

A cost-effective solution to providing multi-level disabled access to commercial premises that:

  • It meets disabled access rules. The rules apply to new or existing commercial buildings.
  • Requires no overhead space or structural support.
  • Has the optional feature of a VVVF drive for performance commonly found on high-end commercial lifts

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Getting the right lift for your needs is all about planning. It’s an investment that needs to be planned and built with the long term in mind.

This comparison table is a great place to start. Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, get some next-level detail at the links below.

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