Innovation In Accessibility: The Aussie Lifts Story Part 1

Pioneering Accessibility and Innovation

In the late 1990s, Aussie Lifts previous owners found a big gap in the market. This gap led to the company’s founding. He recognized the need for lifts made for disability. They were different from the standard residential and commercial lifts that dominated the market at the time. This realization marked the start of our chapter. It was born out of the need to serve a niche, but very under-served, part of society.

The vision

The vision was clear. It was purposeful: to create lifts for the mobility needs of people with disabilities. The focus was on lifts made under parts 16, 17, and 18 of the lift standard. These parts are tailored for disability use. The company was positioned as a pioneer in accessibility solutions.

A Family-Driven Legacy

Aussie Lifts flourished for two decades. They became a beacon of innovation and customer focus in the lift industry. Family values deeply root the company’s ethos and operations. Key family members play integral roles.

Transition and Growth

In 2017, Sam McLaughlin bought Aussie Lifts, starting a new chapter. This move kept the company’s core strengths but brought fresh energy and ideas for growth. By late 2018 and 2019, Aussie Lifts introduced lean manufacturing. It boosted efficiency and innovation. These efforts prepared Aussie Lifts for growth. They improved its market presence and products. It confirmed its role as a leader in accessibility solutions.

Aussie Lifts

A Commitment to Accessibility and Independence

Since the beginning, Aussie Lifts has been more than just a business. It has been a mission to improve the lives of people with mobility challenges. The initial vision has changed. It has become a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and access. This has made us a key player in creating inclusive spaces. Aussie Lifts is dedicated to customer needs. They are always innovating and are committed to accessibility. They continue to lead the way to a more inclusive future.

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