NEW PROJECT – Heisig Display Home

Display Home

Heisig Constructions recognised the value of including an elevator to new home builds. So after much research, they approached us to supply a Phoenix elevator for their beautiful display home ‘The Dream Catcher’.  Heisig Constructions planned this home as a smart home, which allows full access to the home for everybody! This display home is the first in the area to include consideration for disability access, allowing everybody of any ability to enjoy what they are creating!

When manufacturing the lift, we worked very closely with the team from Heisig to ensure that the lift was finished to the highest standard.

The Client

Established in 1970, Heisig Constructions is a family owned business operating throughout the greater Brisbane area. Heisig homes are different. They are unique. Each of their homes are a reflection of their multi award winning commitment to the design and construction of individual, energy efficient homes of exceptional quality.

Heisig Constructions continues to be at the forefront of delivering beautiful, functional Small Lot homes and offer comprehensive expertise to ensure your new home journey is an enjoyable one.

The Result

The Phoenix lift has now been operational for just over 12 months and it is serving its purpose perfectly. The chosen cosmetic selections compliment the display home seamlessly.

Since it’s addition, many people have enjoyed using the lift which has resulted in many enquiries. Heisig continues to deliver on its responsibility of meeting market demands and we are happy to partner with their great team in the future.

Display Home

If you would like more information about Heising or if you would like to visit the display home itself, please click the following link;

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