New Product Release – Orion C350 Commercial Lift

Here at Aussie Lifts, we are always at the forefront of developing our existing products, whilst also manufacturing new and exciting products. For some time now, we have noticed a gap in the market for an Australian-made sliding door elevator. So for the past 18 months, our research and development team have been working hard on designing a solution for this gap. Today we are pleased to announce the release of the Orion C350 commercial lift.

The Orion C350 Commercial Lift 

Is the largest of all our lifts with a travel of up to 7.5 meters (4 levels). This lift is perfect for schools, factories, organizations & government buildings that require disability access to their premises.

Built to Australian Standard 1735 part 16, the Orion C350 lift is BCA E3.6 compliant and is perfect for complying with the disabled access regulations for commercial buildings, whether it be for new or existing buildings.

Offering an alternative to the costly expense associated with providing load bearing walls, large slab footings, and a machine room, the Orion C350 comes complete with it’s own light-weight self supporting lift shaft, sliding landing doors, and machine cabinet.

Discover the perfect solution for your food events with our top-of-the-line commercial lifts. Elevate your culinary experience with ease and efficiency, ensuring seamless transport of goods. Maximize productivity and safety, meeting the demands of even the busiest events with confidence and style.

Capable of servicing up to four levels with a maximum travel of 7.5 meters, the Orion C350 is powered by an advanced chain-over oil hydraulic drive system that requires no overhead space or structural support. Requiring only a few days to install, the Orion C350 lift is built in Australia, which results in very short lead times. Rated for 350kg, the Orion C350 can easily carry three people and has a clear floor space of 1200mm x 1400mm x 2100mm.

If you are after more information about the Orion C350 Commercial lift, please visit:

If you would like to arrange an obligation-free site visit, please contact our office on 1800 AUS LIFT (287 5438). Alternatively, you can email plans directly to for a formal quote.

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